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Buying A Waffle Maker Machine

Your family just loves pancakes at breakfast and perhaps at other times of day as well. The problem is the difficulty of quickly reproducing consistently perfect pancakes at the drop of a hat, not to mention the accompanying mess all over the stove. Recent trends have produced an answer in the form of the latest piece of kitchen equipment to grace our homes - the electric waffle maker machine. The following video shows a product review of one of the models currently on the market:

People who like pancakes are taking to this kitchen appliance in a big way. As well as offering a much cleaner way to prepare and cook, waffles extend the range of what is possible with batter based recipes. The usual ingredients of a waffle encompass a variety of ingredients, both healthy and some not so healthy but still delicious ones. If healthy eating is your thing, then you can just use your favorite whole grain products that are lower in fat than regular ones. It is easy to toss in a tasty fruit etc. to give an extra healthy element while reaping the benefit from vitamins and anti-oxidants that nourish the body.

At home use of a waffle maker allows you full control of what you eat, as opposed to not knowing 100% of what goes into shop-bought products which are likely to have artificial additives and flavorings.

The waffle maker machine is not limited to use only at breakfast time. Most modern machines are versatile enough to provide tasty treats as snacks throughout the day and with perfectly chosen ingredients, have been known to provide some of the most luxurious dinner desserts imaginable. Indeed, you will be hard pushed not to have noticed the social media chatter around waffles and waffle makers in which some of the recipes discussed sound quite awesome.

So, what should you look for when setting out to choose a waffle maker for your kitchen? Firstly, remember that if you have the right recipe and the right equipment, you will produce the perfect waffle every time. You need to follow your detailed perfect recipe every time and then the right waffle maker will tightly control all the other baking variables for you.

In looking at any machine from the top manufacturers such as Cuisinart, Presto, Oster, All-Clad and Black and Decker, checkout the design/color to ensure you will be happy with it sitting in your kitchen and the check size and weight to ensure it will fit into your intended storage space easily. Only then should you look at each model's specific features. These vary between machines dependent on number and types of additional features available, but all machines will have means to control poer, baking temperature and baking time. Possible additional features include 'process complete' warning indicator and digital display screens to show current status throughout the process.

In addition to these controls, you will work more happily if the machine has a drip tray for any overflow of batter, non-stick plates that are removable and an aluminium or stainless steel casing for easy cleaning.

To find out what waffle machine would be best for you and your family, it is worth visiting a number of websites such as which help identify the pro's and Cons' of the best waffle maker machines currently on the market.

Cooking Better With Halogen Ovens

Halogen ovens may have started out as a home shopping network product, but it swiftly became a very popular way to cook a meal because of its ability to save both time and money when it comes to preparing a food.

A halogen oven is the perfect answer to a small kitchen, boating, camping or taking to a lakeside cottage. You no longer need to have a toaster oven, conventional oven, barbeque or microwave oven. This is because all these function can be done with a halogen oven and you still will have room on the counter for other things.

Halogen ovens work be using electricity that heats up the halogen bulb using infrared rays and a high performance fan. As a result food doesnt get burned which can be a problem with traditional ovens and broilers. You can still enjoy crispy fries and chicken and moist, tender meat.

Another way to use a halogen oven is to bake a pizza. You wont have to preheat your conventional oven and waste a lot of energy doing so when you have a halogen oven to bake your pizza.

You no longer have to watch a home shopping network to buy a halogen oven. They are available in most department stores in the appliance section or you can buy them online at a number of retailers. There is also a number of popular brands available from General Electric to Big Boss to Secura.

Trying to choose the right brand can be a little confusing. However, if you know what you are looking for it should be fairly simple.

Look for a halogen oven with a glass bowl. It may be heavier and a little awkward to move to the sink for washing, but in the long run it will last longer. With the bowl you have the advantage of depth whereas the ones with a plastic dome it can be harder to keep food together.

You can purchase a halogen oven from around $35 to just over $100. You dont have to get the most expensive one to get the advantages of this type of oven. In fact, even someone on a budget can still bake delicious desserts and wonderful family meals without having to pay a fortune for the appliance.

With a halogen oven you can cook faster, have a large container to cook the food in and eliminate the need for defrosting the meat before you cook it. Whether you are a busy homemaker or a single person, a halogen oven is a great addition to any kitchen.

The Loopholes Of A Battery Operated Ice Cream Scoop

Man has always strived to do better, to improve on the things that he already has. Problems almost always lead to innovative solutions. Unfortunately, the solution can bring about newer problems or issues which, again, need to be solved. And the cycle continues. Sometimes, I wonder if man will ever be content with what he has.

Take for example the ice cream scoop. Today we now have the electric ice cream scoop and the heated ice cream scooper. These innovations are supposed to address the problem of cutting through a solid block of hardened ice cream especially for individuals who may have carpal tunnel syndrome or who may have reduced strength in their hands. One of the gripes about the ordinary ice cream scoop is that it takes considerable strength to scoop ice cream especially when turning the utensil to scoop your favorite ice cream. The maneuver does require some degree of movement and strength particularly in the wrist. For some individuals who may have diminished strength, this might prove very challenging. Hence, the power ice cream scoops electric heated ice cream scoop or battery-operated one.

I like the idea that man would want to solve his problems. But if the only reason the battery-operated ice cream scooper was invented is so that people with diminished physical strength can enjoy for themselves several scoops of ice cream, is it not possible if they were served ice cream instead of having to scoop it themselves? Okay, I get the idea that they should take care of themselves. But given that they have disabilities, then I guess it is okay. But if the power ice cream scooper is also marketed for individuals who are perfectly healthy, I would call it laziness.

So, I gave a battery-operated ice cream scoop I got from Amazon a try. I followed the instructions to the letter. It took me about 2 minutes after switching the ice cream scoop on before I could use it. Once it touched the surface of my hard-as-a-rock ice cream, I noticed the temperature dropped down. In fairness I could just have used a heated spoon for ice cream instead. I couldnt move the ice cream scoop any deeper without exerting the same amount of pressure I normally would with a regular ice cream scoop. It was so frustrating. I mean, I was expecting a near-effortless ice cream scooping experience yet here I was scooping it the way I scooped ice cream using an ordinary ice cream scoop. Additionally, the handle of the battery-operated icecream scoop was way too bulky for my hands. I found scooping ice cream with the battery-operated ice-cream scooper to be frustratingly tedious as I had to wait with each scoop to let it warm the ice cream scooper up again. This is clearly not the best way to enjoy ice cream.

I ditched the battery-operated ice-cream scoop and reached for my trusted SuperEze Ice Cream Scoop. I finished scooping for my kids in half the time it would have taken me to scoop a single serving using the battery-operated scoop.

I love technology. But sometimes, the solutions man create are simply not commensurate to the expectations of others. I promised myself I will never get a battery-powered scooper ever again. Unless I am already an invalid and there is no one to serve me my favorite ice cream.

Electric Grills, Griddles, And Smokers In Your Kitchen

Nothing can beat the juiciness, smokiness, and natural goodness of live charcoal-grilled food. A thick slab of meat or a thick and juicy hamburger patty is best grilled over live charcoal. Barbecues, kebabs, satays, and other grilled delicacies are best cooked over charcoal. The smoke coming from the lava hot coals surely add depth to the richness of charcoal grilled food. If you were in the countryside or even have the convenience of a large backyard, this is the way to enjoy grilled food.

However, if you live in cramped spaces, an apartment or a condominium, or the neighborhood simply does not allow you to use live charcoal, then your next best bet will to use electric grills. For most modern households, the convenience of having one of these kitchen appliances is deemed heaven-sent. You simply do not have to heat charcoal anymore and worry about the mess that it leaves. Furthermore, there are just some individuals who are so allergic to smoke that they cannot stand grill smoke no matter how appetizingly aromatic it can be. If there is such thing as an acquired taste, perhaps there is also such a thing as an acquired smell.

Nonetheless, an electric grill will be perfect for families who simply want to enjoy the pleasures of grilled food, sans its smoky flavor, easy and fast. Putting on a thin slice of Cheddar beautifully cut from a cheese grater will surely be able to elevate the richness of the grilled food.

There are several types of electric grills. There are those used for indoors as well as outdoors. Now there are electric smokers and griddles. Indoor electric grills are perfect for those living in an apartment or condominium. Outdoor electric grills are often more convenient for small suburban families who may want to spend the rest of the weekend out in the backyard while enjoying a barbecue and other grilled food.

Electric smokers have taken the whole tedious process of smoking to largely more convenient levels. Smoking requires food, particularly meats, to be slowly cooked with burning wood. In purist smokehouses, the whole process can take up to half a day. What differentiates electric smokers from the rest is that it is electricity that provides the element to heat up the wood and create smoke. Electric griddles are perfect for pancakes and flatbread or even grilled vegetables for your steak fajitas.

While nothing beats the superb richness of flavor of charcoal grilled food, modern kitchens must always have an electric grill to complement their array of kitchen and food utensils. In a world where convenience is tops, an electric grill is surely one way to ensure this.