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British Indian Curry Dishes: They Take A Special Wine Pairing

Special dishes often require a special wine pairing and going with certain Indian curry dishes, especially those that came to popularity while India was a British colony, require some serious thought when it comes to pairing with a wine. While traditionally many people go to beer as the drink of choice to go with a hot Indian curry, there are more and more places realizing that the right wine can add a true elegance to the dining experience and really bring home a full balance to the meal.

Choosing the best wine for these types of curry dishes can take a little bit of education and practice as tastes differ and two curries can even vary widely and heat and taste from one another. That being said, there are certain types of wine that generally pair better with curry dishes than others. By keeping a few basic factors in mind and looking at the many different options available, you will be able to find at least one, if not several, outstanding wines to pair with your favorite curry dishes to enhance your dining experience.

What To Look At Before Choosing A Wine

There are a few different factors you want to consider when starting that search for the perfect pairing. The first is just how spicy the curry is. A mild curry dish and a hot spicy curry dish will pair better with a different wine, as one example. Mild curry dishes tend to have more good options when it comes to pairing versus those Indian curry dishes that really bring the heat.

Generally speaking, you'll want to shy away from most heavy alcohol wine choices as these often taste bitter or clash when paired with any type of spice at all that comes with most Indian curry choices. Also, consider the other foods being served with the curry. Are they heavy in breads? Nutty flavors? Something else entirely? This can have a major effect on how certain wines pair with the main dish versus the entire meal. Ideally, you want to find a choice that pairs well with that meal.

Good Places To Start Your Search

The last time my friend and I were visiting a friend at university and had an Indian takeaway. Loughborough train station was a short walk away from a favorite fish n chip shop that also offers great curries to take-out ! This â curry in a hurryâ is also perfectly located a few steps away from a great independent wine shop. In this wine merchant my first step was to look for wines that are a little more on the fruity and sweet side. This also often means looking for a wine that is a bit lower on the alcohol side, which is doubly true if you are set on a red.

Generally speaking, the best type of wine to connect with curry dishes is a German Riesling. This style of wine often has some sweetness, but not too much. It's the right balance of having some sweetness without having too much. When in doubt, look for a wine that falls under the German Riesling umbrella of wines and you're likely to find a winner.

Pinot Gris and fruity Chardonnays tend to also be very good choices since you have a variety of options that are lower alcohol with a nice fruity balance that isn't too dry to go with the spicy heat of Indian curry.

When you start with these types of wine you are almost certain to find good options and eventually maybe even the perfect one for your favorite specific dish.


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